Who We Are

At Early Start, our clinicians have strong backgrounds, not only in discipline-specific early childhood intervention, but also in applying a multidisciplinary approach to assessments and intervention. Our philosophy is that we are only able to determine how best a child may function in their environment when we look at all areas of development; particularly the areas of communication and social emotional development. Our approach is to apply the requisite knowledge, skills and training in our repertoire so that we may enable every child we work with to be successful in all activities of daily living. This approach is centered on supporting each child not only through direct provider intervention, but also through parent and caregiver training and education.

At the heart of our approach is the desire to get to the heart of what children need, so that we may be more effective at developing goals and interventions that really matter to their families. 

We recognize that a child's early years are the most critical in developing skills that they will use later in life. We are firm in our belief that active caregiver involvement, coupled with evidence-based clinical practice, is the foundation from which we can build up strong, emotionally capable children who have the ability and desire to learn within any environment they find themselves in.

In addition to discipline-specific qualifications and certifications, our clinicians have obtained or are working toward obtaining certifications in Early Intervention. We are committed to receiving ongoing training and professional development related to the early identification and resolution of preschool-aged children’s needs in the areas of gross and fine motor development, cognition and problem-solving skills, communication and social-emotional skills.

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