Our goal at Early Start Therapy is to keep parents informed at every point in their child’s care. For this reason, we have prepared a brief overview of what you can expect from the services we will provide:




Therapy sessions will look similar to the evaluation in that they will look and feel like play. During the first session after your child’s initial evaluation, their therapist will go over the evaluation report and goals in case you have any questions. Your child's therapist will then review the session’s objectives and provide strategies that will help to develop your child’s skills and your knowledge of how to encourage those skills outside of the session.


The therapist will follow a child-led approach in order to find what best motivates your child. The therapist will strive to engage your child while incorporating evidence-based practices and their clinical expertise in the session. While your child is playing the clinician will be working to support all areas of concern. We encourage parents and family members to join the session and practice strategies with your therapist in order to carry over strategies in the home.

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